MentalCore v1.5v1 Update Avaliable
  • MentalCore version 1.5v1 is available to download! This update includes a
    bunch of new features such as Light Select render passes, diagnostic
    render passes and a architectural light. Check out the list

    New “Light Select” Render Pass

    Speed up the creation of per light passes using the new “Light
    Select” render pass. This allows you to create a single render pass to
    represent all possible passes for lights linked to the render pass,
    without the need to create individual diffuse, spec etc passes all
    linked to the same light(s).

    New “Diagnostic” Render Passes

    New Diagnostic render passes for outputting sampling information when using unified sampling (Samples, Error & Time).

    New Texture Lookup Shader

    New “core_texture_lookup2” texture shader. This is a updated version
    of the original shader with more options for texture filtering, blurring
    and the ability to attached different textures for different render
    stages (finalgather, GI etc).

    New Architectural Light Shader

    New “core_archlight” light shader. Based on the original
    “wom_archlight” shader, this light shader attempts to be a physically
    accurate light shader with support for IES light profiles.

    UI Rebranding

    UI rebranding with updated logos and color scheme.


    • Updated shader “core_carpaint2” with added normal map and bump map parameters.
    • Added ability to rearrange layers in the core_texture_blend shader.
    • Improvements for export to MR standalone
    • RLM updated to version 9.2

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed texture file errors related to the current render layer that
      would cause the first frame to fail when rendering with Maya 2013
    • Fixed core_randomizer crashing maya when viewport is in textured mode
    • Fixed hair shaders not correctly overriding Maya Fur/Hair during batch render
    • Fixed hair shader could not be assigned to more then 1 Fur/Hair node
    • Fixed pass presets not working correctly
    • Batch rendering will no longer occupy a interactive license if all render licenses are being used.
    • Fixed bug with transparency and core_hair shader
    • Fixed unwanted disabling of certain built in IBL controls
    • Fixed issue with unwanted ray types showing up in some passes (eg: reflections of transparency rays)
    • Fixed bug where a render might crash when using texture projection cameras

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